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The Pageant

Documentary, 83 min, 2020


World Premiere: Visions du Réel 2020 - International Feature Film Competition


Synopsis: Every year since 2011, a unique beauty contest takes place in Haifa. The contestants are female survivors of the Holocaust. In the midst of this flashy spectacle, their personal traumas remain as deep as ever.


Director & Editor: Eytan Ipeker

Producer: Yoel Meranda (Kamara - Turkey)

Co-Producers: Carine Chichkowsky (Survivance - France), Eitan Mansuri and Jonathan Doweck (Spiro Films - Israel), Kristina Konrad (Welt Film)

Director of Photography: Itay Marom

Sound Design: Emmanuel Soland

Poster Design: Selin Estroti


Supported by Tënk - Mediapart, & New Film Fund

Selected to Sheffield/Doc MeetMarket 2018

Selected to Meetings on the Bridge 2019 (winner of Color-Up Award)


(credits to be updated & expanded soon)


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2010 - present

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