documentary feature, 70 min - 2020

Director, Writer, Producer: Zeynep Dadak


Co-Producers: Tanja Georgieva-Waldhauer, Aslı Dadak, Pınar Bağcı 


19th Dokufest Balkan Main Competition (World Premiere)

Istanbul Film Festival - National Documentary Competition

Antalya Golden OrangeFilm Festival - National Documentary Competition


The film traces the particular itinerary of Eremya Çelebi Kömürciyan’s 17th century travelogue, "History of Istanbul: Istanbul in the 17th century”, in today’s Istanbul. The film, which came to life under the counseling of Ottoman historian Cemal Kafadar, invites the audience to experience “the pleasure of viewing” Istanbul.






documentary feature, 70 min - 2020

Director: Serdar Kökçeoğlu


Producers: Dilek Aydın, Esin Uslu

Co-Producer: S. Buse Yıldırım 


Visions du Réel - Burning Lights Competition (World Premiere)

Antalya Golden OrangeFilm Festival - National Documentary Competition - Special Jury Prize

Istanbul Film Festival - National Documentary Competition

Hybrid documentary on legendary electronic music composer İlhan Mimaroğlu and his versatile wife.


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documentary feature, 83 min - 2020


Every year since 2011, a unique beauty contest takes place in Haifa. The contestants are female survivors of the Holocaust. A documentary about how memory, politics and spectacle are interconnected.


Director & Editor: Eytan Ipeker

Producer: Yoel Meranda

Co-Producers: Carine Chichkowsky, Eitan Mansuri, Jonathan Doweck , Kristina Konrad


Visions du Réel - International Feature Film Competition (World Premiere)

Sarajevo Film Festival - Documentary Competition

Odessa International Film Competition - European Documentary Competition

Istanbul Film Festival - National Documentary Competition

Antalya Golden OrangeFilm Festival - National Documentary Competition

Human Rights Film Festival Lugano

imdb page •  trailer



documentary feature, 70 min - 2019

Director: Kıvılcım Akay


Producers: Aslıhan Altug, Beste Yamalioglu


Atlanta International Film Festival (World Premiere)

Biennial of Moving Image 2020 - Competition (German Premiere)

Istanbul International Film Festival

!f İstanbul International Film Festival

Antalya International Film Festival

Chiayi International Art Doc Film Festival

Humans of Film Festival - Amsterdam

As an African immigrant woman living in Istanbul Turkey, Amina is in two minds between her realities and her dreams.


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fiction feature, 85 min - 2019

Director: Robert Schlicht, Romana Schmalisch


Producers: Olivier Marboeuf, Kristina  Konrad, Michel  Balagué, Robert  Schlicht, Romana  Schmalisch

co-edited with Robert Schlicht, Romana Schmalisch


World Premiere: Berlinale 2019 - Forum Expanded


A new production center, maybe set in an undetermined future. What is being produced here? We shall find out by following the given traces. Two pairs of hands trying to untangle themselves. A human sheep virtually cut into pieces. A warm welcome to the authors and actors of their lives. Stories being told, their narrators dissected.


berlinale page • imdb page • trailer



fiction feature, 104 min - 2017
Director: Alex Harvey


Producers: Shane Boris & Mitch Dickman

Executive producer: Scott Macaulay

Starring Oscar-nominated actor Demián Bichir


World Premiere: Denver Film Festival


Synopsis: A radical, western re-imagining of Henry David Thoreau's classic, interlacing three stories about the trappings of 21st century life and those who dream dangerously of escape.


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unmade bed.jpg


short fiction, 18 min -  2017

Director: Sinan Kesova


Producers: Yoel Meranda, Sinan Kesova

Co-edited with Sinan Kesova & Ayhan Ergürsel


36th Istanbul Film Festival (World Premiere) – FIPRESCI Prize

23rd Belgrade Auteur Film Festival – BRAVE BALKANS Special Jury Prize

Tangier Mediterranean Short Film Festival

SIYAD Turkish Film Critics Association Award (Nominated)

Les Arcs European Film Festival

Sarajevo Film Festival


Synopsis: The sale of an inherited house results in an unspoken tension between Cigdem and Kerim, a couple in their late thirties, to which their daughter does not seem indifferent.


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omnibus feature, 70 min - 2016

Edited the section directed by Melisa Önel


World Premiere: 35th Istanbul International Film Festival


Synopsis: "Coastliners" puts the theme of “human rights” together with different stories, and consists of five short fiction films made by internationally acclaimed different directors. We accompany the personal effects of refugees washed ashore, the peculiar story of an assaulted young man, a mother and daughter who take refuge in a house when bombs sound on the Syrian border, a hero stuck in the hurly burly of Istanbul, trying to overcome obstacles; and the spiritual journey of a pregnant woman trying to return to her village from where she was cast away.


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short fiction, 11 min - 2016

Writer, Director and Editor: Eytan Ipeker


Producer: Yoel Meranda

Co-Producer: Bartosz Reetz (Sartoris Films)

Cast: Nazal Kesal, Hakan Çimenser


Antalya International Film Festival (World Premiere)

!f Istanbul Independent Film Festival


Synopsis: A quiet morning. A middle-aged woman lies in the bed, watching her husband's back as he's sleeping. As the daily routines continue, a cellphone is ringing persistently and is never being answered.


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documentary mid-length, 60 min - 2016


Writer, Director and Editor: Eytan Ipeker

Produced by Kamara & Böcek Yapım

Supported by Vehbi Koç Foundation


34th Istanbul International Film Festival (World Premiere)

8th Documentarist Istanbul Documentary Days

9th Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival

Istanbul Modern Museum


Synopsis: Idil Biret was five-years-old when she played piano to the Turkish President Ismet Inönü. Two years later, the Congress passed "Idil's Law" which allowed her to study in Paris. Away from her friends, in an alien city, she was now working under strict supervision. Her path crossed with legendary pianists of the time, such as Arthur Rubinstein who later recalled, "The first time I heard her play it brought tears to my eyes''. And yet, Idil dreamed of running away from everything, becoming free again. Today as we listen to her atonal improvisations, Idil Biret's unique energy still retains its mystery


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docudrama feature, 72 min - 2013

Director: Lüsin Dink

Producer: Soner Alper, Lüsin Dink

Associate Producer: Özcan Alper

Co-Edited with Ali Aga & Umut Sakallıoğlu


Locarno International Film Festival, Open Doors

Yerevan International Film Festival - Golden ApricotBest Armenian Documentary


FilmfestHamburg 2013

32nd Istanbul International Film Festival


Synopsis: SaroyanLand is a docu-drama focusing on the journey of famous writer William Saroyan to the birthplace of his Armenian family Bitlis, in Turkey in 1964. While retaking the same road, the film aims to understand Saroyan's unique attitude to belonging, witnessing the self-discovery of a man who followed the traces of his Armenian ancestors.


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docufiction short, 20 min - 2011


director: Gürcan Keltek


CineDoc Tbilisi 2013 - Jury Prize

Nantes Festival de 3 Continents

DOK Leipzig

Visions Du Réel 2012

Tate Modern

24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Festival

Viennale 2018


Synopsis: A look at the poor working conditions of people who do not feel like people in the eyes of their bosses. Always moving, always working, trapped in life without any chance of things changing for the better. Pressured by their superiors, with no help from the state.


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Yeşim Ustaoğlu's Clair-Obscur, 2016 (premiered at Toronto)

Özcan Alper’s Memories of The Wind , 2016 (premiered at Hamburg)

Melisa Üneri's Daddy's Girl , 2016 (premiered at DOK Leipzig)

Lüsin Dink's SaroyanLand , 2013 (premiered at Istanbul Film Festival)

Yeşim Ustaoğlu’s Somewhere in Between, 2012 (premiered at Venice)

Ümit Ünal's Ara, 2007 (premiered at Istanbul Film Festival)


I've also edited a trailers for my own documentaries:

The Pageant, 2020 (premiered at Visions du Réel)

 İdil Biret: The Portrait of a Child Prodigy, 2016 (premiered at Istanbul Film Festival)






I've edited many TV ads & music videos including in collaboration with various directors such as Dan Nathan, Devon Dickson, Gürcan Keltek, Can Eskinazi and İlker Canikligil. Here's a link for Emre Aydın's "Belki Bir Gün Özlersin" (directed by Gürcan Keltek) and Cem Özel's "İnim İnim" (directed by Can Eskinazi).






"İzliyorum" is an off-beat web series by Altyazi Film Journal, where the guests are invited to comment on other films. Director Can Eskinazi shot these series in a very unconventional way and each episode is meant to be experimental video portraits of the interviewees. I've co-edited five episodes with the director.


For more episodes, you can visit kamarafilm website.