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Over the years, I've made several experimental abstract videos. They are mostly silent and best experienced in a screening room. 

In Eytan Ipeker’s austere "Cloud", a sea of pixilated black and white shapes gives way to fuzziness and then suggestive pulsing curves, as if biological forms were starting to emerge.

- Fred Camper (Chicago Reader)

“Science Lab” is a visual compendium of experimental techniques, all uncannily mined from footage of the filmmaker's piano keys.

- TIFF Program Notes

"Peeling" bears patches of color on pitch black, like brush strokes that never quite add up. (...) The object behind this abstraction, a piano, is missing both visually and aurally. İpeker’s dark and silent room gives a sense of meditative calmness among the other works that depend predominantly on material culture and objects.

- Lara Fresco, curator


  • "Traffic" - Video Art Special Award / 9th Intl. Panorama of Independent Film & Video (Greece)

  • "Yearning" - Best Experimental Film / 30th IFSAK National Short and Doc Film Festival (Turkey)

  • "Tribute to Bubsy" - Opening Program for Chicago Onion City Experimental Film Festival (USA)


Toronto International Film Festival •  Edinburgh International Film Festival  • Chicago Onion City Experimental Film Festival  • Rome Abstracta Film Festival  • Experiments in Cinema 5.1  • Pera Museum  • Fresh Abstractions (Thailand)  • Lucca Film Festival  • International Panorama of Independent Film & Video (Greece)  •  Hallwals Contemporary Arts Center  • Platforma Zero Five (Greece) • Festival Miden (Greece)  • Ankara International Film Festival

Click here for detailed info screenings.


TIFF Program Notes on "Science Lab" - 17.08.2010

Film critic Fred Camper's comments on "Cloud"  - Chicago Reader , 17.06.2010

"Visual Music Masters" by Adriano Abbado, 2018  (brief mention on  p.105)

Program Notes by Efe Murad for FOL Screening - FOL Booklet,  13.10.2017

Lines of Landscape Blog on "Three Warning Signs" - Lines of Landscape, 01.07.2012

Curator Lara Fresko's notes on "Peeling"  - 17.05.2012


  • Tribute to Busby (2014) 

  • Peeling (2011) 

  • Siamese (2011) 

  • Three Warning Signs (2011) 

  • Nothing (2010) 

  • The Yearning (2010) 

  • Legend of Nile (2009) 

  • Black or White (2009) 

  • The Eternal Wink (2009) 

  • Zero (2009)

  • So Abstract! (2009)

  • Science Lab (2007)

  • Passion of Anna (2007)

  • Fuguetta for Piano (2007) 

  • Traffic (2006) 

  • Composition for Piano (2006)

  • Composition for Piano & City (2002)

  • Abstract#1 (2001)

2010 - present
2010 - present
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